Great Gatsby Candy Girls Mrs Bella's Dolls

Beautiful Gatsby Girl Candy Dolls working a dessert reception tonight in Santa Monica ~ With Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls


Usherettes Great Gatsby! Mrs. Bella's Dolls!!

Usherettes Great Gatsby! Mrs. Bella’s Dolls!! Mrs Bella’s Dolls Doll up The SupperClub in Hollywood for a VIP Party for Telemundo TV

Candy Girls ~ Mrs. Bella's Dolls ~ Double Booked tonight

Double Booking tonight for Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls – Booking # 1 Gatsby Style private Event at the SupperClub in Hollywood and # 2 for our wonderful repeat Clients at Cigarex- Bundle up Dolls – its a bit chilly but always a great night to Doll it Up!

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