Champagne= romantic

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Champagne is a fantastic drink to have at parties and special events. It symbolizes something special. Sparkling wine has been a part of celebrations since at least the time of the French Revolution. But what is it exactly that makes champagne so romantic and celebratory? Here, we’ll break down why you’ll never want to throw another special event without champagne (or a champagne doll!)
The Bubbles
Scientifically speaking, the bubbles are in fact what makes champagne so special. Did you know that when you “pop a cork” it has the ability to erupt at speeds of up to 60 MPH? That could do some serious damage! All that risk is in the name of love and celebration. The bubbles in champagne carry aromas directly to the nose, which is what makes champagne so alluring.
That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
Studies have shown that champagne actually causes blood alcohol levels to rise…

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