Champagne Dolls July 8 Universal


We are so excited to bring our bubbly giant champagne glass to a beautiful private wedding at Universal Studios this Saturday July 8. We can’t wait to WOW the guests and especially our (repeat) clients. Bring on Bella’s Champagne Dolls to make the event unforgettable! #champagnegirl #champagnedolls #giantchampagneglass #giantglass #girlinglass #glamor #vintage #retro #inspired #burlesque #pinup #beauty #mrsbellasdolls #tributeproductions #bookus #haveglasswilltravel #giantprop #bubbly #uniqueentertainment #talentagency #evententertainment


Bringing the glam to every event!


Mrs. Bella’s Dolls have become synonymous with Classic Hollywood glamor and serving a unique, pin-up style brand at special events, weddings, and parties since the company began in 1999.
We love seeing our event planners eye’s light up when we set up our Dolls and get them in place before the special event begins. What brings us more joy, are the looks on the guests faces as they get to engage, snap photos and selfies with our girls.
We strive to make every event we book unforgettable! and something guests will talk about for years to come.
Last night in Laguna Beach, our Champagne Dolls did just that! and we loved making our wedding planner look like the star!
When you or your party planner hire Mrs. Bella’s Dolls, we make sure we represent YOU!
We take great pride in our professional services we offer, and know our repeat Clients will get treated to the very best in service when they hire Mrs. Bella’s Dolls.
What could be better than having a beautiful Champagne Doll sitting in a life size champagne glass prop, pouring the bubbly and posing for photos with your party guests! We can’t think of anything! except maybe more MRS.BELLA’S DOLLS! #champagnegirls #lifesizeglass #giantchampagneglass #giantmartiniglass #champagnegirl #champagneshowgirls #mrsbellasdolls #girlinglass


Summer Entertainment starts today!


Today kicks off our SUMMER ENTERTAINMENT Pool Party performers in the OC with our beautiful Bella’s Dolls in Spheres and in Life Size Champagne Glasses. It’s a perfect day for a sizzling summer Event with ‪#‎tributeproductions‬ ‪#‎mrsbellasdolls‬ ‪#‎lifesizeprop‬ ‪#‎champagnedolls‬ ‪#‎girlinbubble‬ ‪#‎summerentertainment‬ ‪#‎girlinglass‬ ‪#‎pinupgirls‬ ‪#‎cigarettegirls‬

Breeders Cup and Hello Kitty today with Bella’s Dolls!!

Happy November 1st friends & Dolls! We are so excited to be double Booked today early this morning we will be at The World Championship at The Breeders Cup- Then tonight we will be Celebrating HELLO KITTY’S 40th Birthday with Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls and Strolling Champagne Skirts! See more at and

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