Movie Theater Usherettes tonight at Clancy's Mrs Bella's Dolls

Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls Usherettes working a “Classic Movie Theme” Wedding tonight at Clancy’s in Glendale. We love Dolling up the very special Weddings and Celebrating the Love


Elvis Show with Tribute Productions talent

Elvis Show tonight for a private Event/60th birthday in Orange County tonight for Elvis Impersonator Irby Gascon and Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment

Valentine's Day Special's with Candy Girl Dolls

Dear Valentine, We would LOVE to Doll-Up your Special Event with our lovely St. Valentine’s Day Costumes, or our Extra Bubbly Champagne Dolls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls or our Sweet Sweet New Love Shows of Bella’s Dancin Dolls with Special LOVE Songs- Oh won’t you BE Ours!? Love, Mrs. Bella (photo is our beautiful Miss Angel Pie)

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