Tonight at The House of Blues

Tonight’s booking at The House of Blues has been in the works since April!

When we get a Client who represents something so special to us- we will go far above and beyond to make an idea they have in their mind  – a reality. We will spend the time to visualize, conceptualize, and draft up ideas until our Clients are satisfied! Hand creating costuming, branding, and carefully selecting the right performers to make sure we are on point for their Event.

Tonight’s Special VIP event for C.H.O.C is not only an important repeat Client of ours, their Event will be raising funds for Children’s Hospital (C.H.O.C) which was the very first of my volunteer locations I performed for as a Madonna lookalike many years ago and I will never forget that experience!

So tonight our Client wanted Mardi Gras theme!  so we will be serving it up for her in vivid colors and style with our beautiful SHOWGIRLS, CHAMPAGNE DOLLS, GIANT CHAMPAGNE GLASSES, STROLLING CHAMPAGNE SKIRTS and CIGARETTE GIRLS/ CASINO GIRLS- with all the costumes customized just for our special Client!

We love to be able to customize, brand and create our entertainment to cater each and every Client- as we take that much pride in every job we do!

Here is to tonight! and all the wonderful people who will be there to celebrate with Mrs. Bella’s Dolls to raise funds for such an important cause!!

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It’s a Doll up weekend!

We are so super excited to be packing our hat boxes and luggage bags with red lips on and fishnets pulled up straight ready to Doll up celebrity events over the weekend! Poolside, Malibu cliffs and beautifully designed party rooms for our favorite celebrity designer Kevin Lee. Bella’s Dolls are ready to glam up and add that nostalgic sparkle to V.I.P’s and guests.
We love the look on the faces of our special friends and repeat clients when our Dolls walk into the room! Let us bring that Hollywood magic to your next event or party that is good enough for Hollywood celebrities and event designers that expect “only the best”- that is what we do! #mrsbellasdolls #dollweekend #bookings #privatevent #celebrityparty #designer #kevinlee #shi-shi-shi #malibu #poolside #candygirls #oldglam #vintage #pinup
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Champagne Dolls at Marconi for C.H.O.C

Tonight we are thrilled to be Dolling up The Marconi Automotive Museum with Champagne Dolls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls & 1940’s pin up Dolls all to raise funds for a very special cause Children’s Hospital of Orange County (Bella’s very first volunteer experience and a place close to her heart) #marconiautomotivemuseum #champagnegirls #1940spinupgirls #giantchampagneglass #mrsbellasdolls #funraiser #childrenshospitaloforange #giantmartiniglass #champagnedolls #marconi

Triple booking weekend from Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras!

Triple booking weekend from Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras!
Getting ready for another creative and busy weekend of bookings. Three bookings and three totally different themes! oh my!
Client # 1 needs Mardi Gras Champagne Dolls and Candy Girls Showgirls , Client # 2 wants roses and white for her Human Strolling Tables and Client # 3 wants white fabrics and faces for her Human Champagne Strolling Tables and is allowing me help with the visual direction 😁😆 We love customizing things to make it special for each of our special clients and look forward to an amazing weekend where we make unforgettable visual experiences that will last a lifetime! #Mardigras #neworleans #mardigrasshowgirls #champagnedolls #mardigrasentertainment #valentinesdayentertainment #valentinesdaytheme #humanstrollingtables #humantables #giantchampagneglass #weddingentertainment #fourseasonshotel #beverlyhills #rollingtablegirl #tablegirl #evententertainment #roses #masks #customcostumingcostumes

What is takes to become a Doll


WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A DOLL; What an amazing opportunity to be hired to do what you love. That’s what all the great teachers teach- when your heart leads your way you can never go wrong.

With the Mrs. Bella’s Dolls brand, I personally created a job in which I wanted to work it myself. I wanted to create an opportunity to use a little bit of niche acting skills, all my years of dance and comedy, super glam costumes and hair and somehow “entertain” people. As I grew more and more into the Miss Bella role, I realized how amazing it was to engage with people, get to know perfect strangers, help them remissness to the glamor girls of Classic Hollywood bringing that style to life for them to experience and of course bring them treats from my tray.

Along the Bella’s Doll journey, I also created a space to bring in more girls with the same passion and vision as myself. That was more than 16 years ago, and today Bella’s Dolls is one of the most successful retro pin up girl companies. Bella’s Dolls was Hollywood’s very first candy girl company and if the saying is true that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”- then we are flattered! It seems everyone wants to be a Bella’s Doll! we love being the pioneers to bring back the classic cigarette girl!

So what does it take to become a Bella’s Doll!? (we get asked this one a lot)-

We are quite specific about who we hire to represent our brand so here are just some of what we look for when hiring our girls;

* Integrity. You would think beautiful looks would be #1 but we actually look for models who have integrity to their character. A girl who makes choices from the heart and displays her class in all she does. Are you motivated by money only? or do you make choices from joy and passion? we prefer to hire the the happy, joyful types who make integrity a priority of their character. Jayne Russell in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES who married for love is right up our alley!

*Professionalism. A savvy girl who can make the best of any situation with a Grace Kelly smile. Working as a Doll may find you in many different situations so a professional girl will need to go with the flow and always remain elegant and charming even if she is not feeling that on the inside. Our regular working Dolls know how to keep the grace in all situations.

*Face and legs. Of course to be a Bella’s beauty great legs are always a crowd pleaser and giving good face is important too, but we believe each female has her own unique beautiful face so knowing how to enhance your natural beauty and bring the red lips and lashes to life will get you hired. Can you become your favorite bombshell with hair and make-up?

* Taking direction. Bella’s bookings have lots of details so it’s very important to read job sheets well and clear, and pay attention to all the wordy details. Some times the job bookings change on a moments notice, so its important to listen to the clients needs and take direction on any new changes on the job. A good listener and reader is something we always notice and will book girls based on this detail alone for some jobs where we need to rely on all the small details.

*Sweet as candy. We only hire girls who have a genuine sweetness in who they are. Are you as sweet as the candy in the trays? that is what we look for. Not only sweet with us, the clients and guests, but to the other Bella’s Dolls you are working with. Bella’s Dolls pride themselves with being “like family” and that is the tone we like to keep. We look for genuine sweetness.

*Acting & Entertaining. We love girls who can bring something to the role of dancer, Champagne Doll, or candy girl. Be it on stage or in the ballrooms, our Dolls have a way with what they do that they make an entrance on every event booking. Can you add something to your part? we need much more than a pretty girl holding a tray. Can you be so memorable that the client requests you back? we make notes of which girls get the requests.

*Gratitude. Finally one of the most important factors to us is gratitude. We realize models, dancers and actresses want to work, and we feel like we offer a fun & great opportunity that pays great- so we hope whoever we hire never forget to say “thank you”. When you express gratitude- you will always create more abundance in your life. A true and honest happiness that beams from within will shine in your energy and it can be infectious- so share your gratitude generously and watch what happens. We love grateful girls who are not afraid to let us know they love working with us and show it.

*Become a Doll. So if you feel you have all the requirements to become a Mrs. Bella’s Doll you can email us a recent un-touched up head shot and body shot and bio to

Tell us your special skills and why you would like to become a Doll.



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